$25 Gift Certificate

As requested by our loyal supporters, we are offering One Barrel Gift Certificates. Please fill out the form, below, and hit submit. After you submit the form, please select your payment method for the amount of the Gift Certificate you wish to buy. If you have any questions about our Gift Certificates please make a note in the message box. 

The Gift For Those Who Love Exquisite Food & Exceptional Wines

looking for A Perfect Gift for the lover of all things wonderful?

Look No More...A One Barrel Gift Certificate will make your lucky gift recipient smile, give hugs, and be forever grateful. Or, at least, they'll be very happy with your thoughtfulness!

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$100 Gift Certificate

$50 Gift Certificate 

Remember:  One Barrel of Wine Creates More Miracles than a Church Full of Saints!

 (Italian Proverb)       

$75 Gift Certificate 

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