looking for "the best Take Out restaurant near me"? well, you've found One Barrel!  But there is a lot of important information to help you have the best dining experience!

Remember:  One Barrel of Wine Creates More Miracles than a Church Full of Saints!

 (Italian Proverb)       

How Can I Place An Order?

One Barrel's Hours

One Barrel restaurant dining is closed until further notice but we are providing a special To Go/Curbside Delivery Service Tuesday - Saturday, 3:00 - 8:00 pm. Check out our To Go Menu!

You have three convenient ways to place your One Barrel Take Out Order:

Call 720.667.4781

One Barrel Take Out Online Order

Email Order Form (Bottom of Home Page)

Once your order has been completed, you can pick it up at our safe, curbside pick up point in front of the restaurant. Don't worry, there is sidewalk construction going on directly in front of One Barrel on S. Broadway but you can still easily get your order just a few feet to the south of our entrance. 

​​​​​​Call for more information or reservations


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